Recovery Runs

Recovery Runs
Recovery Runs

Recovery Runs

Key points

# Anticipation, spotting dange

# Explosive Speed

# Angle of the run

# Technique

# Decision making

# Team work

Technique (unopposed)

A race situation which covers the basics of recovery runs. Used in a Defending situation where Defenders are outnumbered or are likely to be outnumbered. The illustration depicts two Teams. Team 1 and team 2 has to make a forward run to the orange cone. When the player arrives at the cone the player in the middle has to make a recovery run to the yellow cone, the exercise is completed until all players have made a run.

The team that gets all his team-members back behind the yellow cone wins.  Progressions can be made by moving the cones at vary differences or using multi-cones to create an element of turning and different movements at speed.

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