Football Child Abuse

Fooball Child Abuse Claims
Fooball Child Abuse Claims

Football Child Abuse Claims - FA Investigation

The Football child abuse claim scandal has shocked the football industry and the public alike.  Parents whose children are in football academies and grass roots teams may be concerned and would no doubt like assurance from the Football Association on what it is doing to protect the welfare of children at football clubs.

What is concerning is that at least one professional club at the highest level has paid what is described in the press as "Hush money" to keep silent a youth player's abuse.  In any language and any profession this is abhorrent. Even more so when the alleged payment was only last year.

The Football Association's chief executive has insisted that it would not tolerate any hush money paid to victims of sexual abuse in football and will take action.
In The Times it is reported that Martin Glen the Chief executive of The FA:

 “We have the rules which will apply if they’ve been broken,” Glenn said. “There has to be a situation where, if there are restrictive contracts through employment rule which prevent people speaking up about a crime, then it has to be resolved.'

'I doubt there’s been a cover-up. The FA, since the late 1990s, has taken safeguarding extremely seriously.'

Reassure Parents - Football Sexual Abuse Claims

To reassure parents whose children are currently playing for football clubs up and down the land, the Football Association's Chairman Greg Clarke has said:
“Football is in a very different place today to what it was in the past. Football takes child safety very seriously. We had 55,000 police checks last year, and ran 30,000 courses to explain the basis of child protection. This is a very different world today. But, absolutely, there is total commitment. If the FA have made errors, we’ll own up to them, as must the rest of football.'

Your are not alone - Football Child Abuse Claims

A dedicated helpline has been sent up to help victims of football child abuse.  Our number is 0800 011 2757 in complete confidence.  We are expert lawyers who will help you through every step.  We appreciate that just making that call is difficult.  You do not have to be identified your name can be kept anonymous.
As well as dealing with complex legal issues, we also have extensive experience within the Football Industry, as football agents and intermediaries so we have a greater insight into this sport.


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