Becoming a football agent or football intermediary
Becoming a football agent or football intermediary

Football Agents & Football Intermediary - Sports Lawyers offer professional representation and advice to Football Players on the "beautiful game." Our Principal Solicitor, Ronnie Hutcheon is a Registered Lawyer under the FA Football Agents Regulations Registration Number RLH 894 offering a comprehensive football management service to players. Football Agents services include negotiating contracts, representation, media/public relations, disciplinary procedures and image rights. As Football Agents are a Firm of Solicitors all matters can be dealt with by us without having to refer to other parties.

Football Agents are fully qualified and insured to act and advise. But it does not stop there, at Football Agentswe encourage players to reach their potential by dealing with every aspect of a football player's career. Football Agents will deal with all the distractions off the pitch leaving the player to concentrate on his game. A perfect partnership between player and agent both 100% committed. A footballer's sporting career is short lived. For younger football players we understand there are many hurdles and many younger players do not achieve their potential and dreams.

Whilst Football Agents will do everything it can to encourage and develop young footballers to reach their potential, nevertheless we will manage those expectations and that of a young player's parents or guardian as would any good football club. A wrong decision could be disastrous. Ensure that Football Agents are on your side. We will do everything we can to help players at every stage of their career or development, from finding the right Club to negotiating terms of an existing contract. Call us for a confidential and informal chat on T. 0151 43105480151 4310548 , see also our contact page.


   *Contract Negotiation

   * Career Advice


   *Public Relations

   *Lifestyle/Wealth Management

   *Legal Advice

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