Cristiano Ronaldo or Ralf Rangnick’s principles

Cristiano Ronaldo or Ralf Rangnick 

Manchester United are sliding down the Premier League Table and are not looking to get up it soon.  This is with Ronaldo playing the vast majority of games for Manchester United.  Therefore he alone cannot be the one United look in their hour of need.  Ralf Rangnick is now in town and will orchestrate on and off field business.

If the two differ in philosophies who will come up top?  We are now familiar with the fact that Ralf Rangnick is famous and indeed has been branded as the ‘God Father’ of the gegenpressing and has inspired the likes of Klopp and Tuchel.  But with Ronaldo at 36 years of age, can he adapt to the top press?  Is he too old?  Can he be bothered?

In the Time there is a quote bout all that is Ronaldo:

This summer, a year after Maurizio Sarri was sacked by Juventus, the Italian coach offered a rare insight into the modern-day dilemma of managing Cristiano Ronaldo. “His interests go beyond what is normal, beyond the team or club. I am a coach, not a manager; however, Ronaldo brings the numbers at the end of the year,” Sarri said on Italian radio, before adding: “Ronaldo’s management is not simple, from all points of view. He is a multinational company.”

Rangnick is only at Manchester United initially as an interim manager, Ronaldo may choose not to listen, he is among the bottom 1 per cent of forwards in Europe’s top five leagues for pressing last season, and has the lowest number of any regular striker in the Premier League this campaign.

I wonder if Rangnick gave instructions over the phone to Michael Carrick to drop Ronaldo with their game against Chelsea on Sunday?  Afterwards Carrick gave credit to Marcus Rashford, Jadon Sancho and Bruno Fernandes for “knowing when to press and when to drop off”.

That can’t be said for Ranaldo.  His days must be numbered?

Let me know if you agree.

Source: The Times 


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