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OVERLAP AND SHOOT Under 8's to 10's grass roots football is back, with COVID - 19 safety! This drill, being socially distance with no tackles and distance of 2 meters.   Here the WINGER, becomes playmaker and potential striker.  The Central Midfielder becomes part of the attack by providing an overlap to cross the ball. VIDEO LINK: FOOTBALL DRILL & TACTICS BOARD - OVERLAP AND... Read more
Professional Football Players - Learn to be Great Football agents:  blog written by written by Michael Nichols, Mindfulness Performance Elite Coach (Director at Mindfulness Performance) Professional players – learn to be great at one thing that doesn’t rely on ability or skill and see great things happen for you A lot of English players are mediocre, why do your think there are so many... Read more
Recovery Runs Key points # Anticipation, spotting dange # Explosive Speed # Angle of the run # Technique # Decision making # Team work Technique (unopposed) A race situation which covers the basics of recovery runs. Used in a Defending situation where Defenders are outnumbered or are likely to be outnumbered. The illustration depicts two Teams. Team 1 and team 2 has to make a forward run to the... Read more