Defending 1v1 and 2v2

Defending 1v1, 2v2

Defending 1v1, 2v2 (Pressing)

# Cover ground quickly
# Prepare to Stop quickly
# Side on, dictate to attacker where to go
# Judgement, body distance, weight, angles
# Be prepared to act, agile, balls of your feet
# Adjustment, changes of positions
# Timing of tackles ("nibbles")
# Decisions, don't track poor runs eg off side
# Deny/Delay/Deflect/Defend

General Defending Principles
R-educe options
E-ncourage mistakes
S-tay compact

See Sketch, 12 Players. Playing area divided into three equal parts, 20 x 10 yards. This Sketch illustrates two Defending principles, but in practice, only one drill will be performed at a time, subject to experience of Players.

The top Area in the illustration depicts 2v2 where the Attacking Players pass the ball horizontally and the nearest player presses the ball whilst the other covers. Note that the aim is to cover ground quickly, the end product is that the Attacking Player with the ball, cannot see the target "green cone" which represents a danger area such as the goal.

The bottom two playing areas represents 1v1 Defending, where, as illustrated, Player One, with the ball passes to the opposite Player (Player 2, who now becomes an Attacker). Player One then runs to the opposite end to defend, aim to show the Attacker down the side channel, delay, deflect etc.

As in technical, but with additional Defender(s). Of the 2 v 2 skill, a small goal replaces the cone.  Both sets of Defenders and Attackers can work up and down the area to see if an interception or block can be achieved before the Attackers reach the opposite end or score.  Of the 1 v 1 skill, the application of tackling is introduced.

The Area is extended to 30 x 40 using 12 player including 2 GK.  Emphasis on individual and collective Defensive positioning, considering when to press, delay or deflect attacking play.

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