Football Child Sex Abuse

Fooball Child Abuse Compensation Claims
Fooball Child Abuse Compensation Claims

Football Child Sex Abuse Claims

It is reported in The Times today that The Premier League has advised that after its investigations into an historic football child abuse claim by a former palyer in 2014 that Chelsea Football Club did not breach any of Premier League Rules.

Following claims about historic football child abuse in 2014 by a former player, the Premier League cleared Chelsea FC of NOT REPORTING ALLEGATIONS OF HISTORIC CHILD ABUSE.

Under the Rules at the time, the Club was only under a duty to report historic football child abuse claims only if they had been reported to the police or social services.
However it is reported that any safeguarding allegation has to be reported by the Football Club.

A Premier League statement read: “After careful consideration, the board has determined that no Premier League rules were broken by the club not reporting this matter to them in 2014.'


Full Safe Guarding Audit

Chelsea football club has agreed to the League's proposal that they will agree to a full independent child safeguarding review.

300 Youth Teams Suspended

Since the football child abuse claims come to light in November 2016, it is reported that 300 Youth Teams have been suspended after failing to renew their safeguarding commitment with The Football Association.

Football Child Abuse Claims

Anyone affected by football child abuse claim can contact expert solicitors who will deal with the complaint.  Please remember that due to the nature of the allegations your privacy and confidential is protected.

The identity of child abuse victims for compensation claims are protected.  The Legal System appreciates the sensitivity of the claims so this should not prevent you from coming forward to make a football child abuse compensation claim.

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