Becoming a Football Agent or Intermediary

Becoming a Football Agent or Intermediary

The process of becoming a football agent has stalled at this time pending the new Football Association rules which came into force on 1st Arpil 2015.

The following page is from The Football Association which is reproduced for reference only.  The direct link to this page can be found 

Intermediaries Update

"This page contains some important information about the new system on Intermediaries coming into effect on 1st April 2015 pursuant to the FIFA Regulations on Working with Intermediaries. The FA Regulations on Working with Intermediaries will come into force on 1 April 2015.  A copy of the regulations can be found in the resource section below. Please note the following important points (this is not an exhaustive list).  We suggest that you obtain independent legal advice regarding the changes in any event.

  • As of 1st April 2015, individuals and/or companies wishing to register as Intermediaries will be able to do so via an online application process. Registration as an Intermediary will be a requirement to conduct any “Intermediary Activity” as defined under the new regulations (including entering into a Representation Contract with a client). The FA will publish the link to this page on the 1st April.
  • Registration as an Intermediary will be valid for a period of one calendar year, after which registration will need to be renewed and maintained in order to continue conducting Intermediary Activity. 
  • A fee will be charged annually for registration. The initial registration fee will be waived for those individuals who are FA Licensed Agents as at 31st of March 2015, although such persons will be required to pay the relevant fee for any subsequent registration. The initial registration fee will not be waived in respect of Registered Lawyers, Overseas Agents and Close Relations
  • In order to obtain or renew registration as an Intermediary, applicants will be requested to confirm they meet the requirements of a “Test of Good Character and Reputation for Intermediaries”. This test will be published on this page in due course. In order to work with Minors (whether that be representing Minors or representing Clubs in respect of Minors), Intermediaries will need to obtain a specific authorisation from The FA. This authorisation can be applied for at the time of registration or at any point during the period of registration, and is subject to obtaining a Disclosure and Barring Service check (or equivalent disclosure for applicants domiciled overseas) which will be reviewed by The FA. The FA advises those individuals seeking to register to work with Minors to obtain the relevant checks in advance of 1st April (please see further instructions on how to apply in the resource section below).
  • Intermediaries will be required to lodge all of their Representation Contracts with The FA, and a set of standard templates will be published on this page in due course. Existing Authorised Agents are reminded to seek independent legal advice in relation to the impact of the new regulatory system on any existing contracts that they are party to.
  • If an Authorised Agent becoming an Intermediary intends to conduct Intermediary Activity pursuant to a Representation Contract lodged with The Association prior to 1 April 2015, they must resubmit any such Representation Contract to The Association within 10 days of registering as an Intermediary with The Association."

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