Association of Football Agents appeals to European Commission

England’s football agents have appealed against Fifa’s proposed plan to replace football agents with intermediaries who will not be required to pass ant exams or hold a license.

The Association of Football Agents (AFA) has asked the European Commission to complete an investigation into the new intermediary scheme before April 1 next year when it is to come into force. If the intermediaries suggestion comes into force, all current agents’ licenses will become invalid and they would have to register with the national association as an intermediary.

Mel stein, the Association of Football Agents chairman said “We think this whole concept will reduce football to a circus. As an industry that is faced with annihilation, we also believe it is illegal and anti-competitive.

“If the new regulations are enforced it will be like bees around a honeypot because of the money and there will be an awful lot of bees out there stinging everybody.

“Generally speaking, everybody involved in football is highly vetted, regulated and controlled, but if that goes out the window the results will be catastrophic.

“I am not just talking about the transfer market, either. Corruption will be rife and there will be a very real danger of match-fixing with individuals whose credentials are not known associated to players and clubs.”


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