When is a football agent NOT a football agent?

When is a football agent NOT a football agent?

When, according to FIFA the agent is an "intermediary."  For more information on the new Football Agent Regulations please see our blog page: Football Agenst or Intermediaries?

Also the new proposals are contained in the article from Law In Sport - The end of the licensed football agent?

Football Agent Regulations

The new guide set by FIFA which will have to be implemented by the Football Governing Bodies at National Level are found here: Football Agent Regulations.

The Football Association

The FA is still deciding on the best way forward to regulate football agents.  FIFA will wish to ensure that the FA embrace the Football Agent Regulations and indeed as we understand the current situation, anyone at this stage wishing to become a football agent has to wait until a formal decision has been made.  The football agent exam has been put on hold.

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