Footballers & Super Injunctions

Super Injunctions and Footballers

As Football Agents and Sports Lawyers we have become well aware of the recent publicity of the so called “Super Injunctions.”  Naturally as a dedicated Firm of Solicitors and Football Agents we offer a service to Footballers if they consider that their privacy should be protected from the media and or other sources.

What is a Super injunction?

The Super Injunction (also called “Gagging Order”) is a powerful weapon that Footballers (and other celebrities and high profile individuals) can use in court to stop certain stories and information becoming public or being put in the public domain.  The super injunction will help prevent often sensitive information emanating from Footballers alleged infidelity, indiscretions and other so called news worthy stories from being front page headline news in the national press rather than back page headline news.

Super injunctions are often criticised but it is important to protect an individual’s right to privacy especially when a story breaks out which is often no more than allegations that could severely damage or destroy a Footballer’s career and family life.  The frenzy behind such high profile stories and the right of free speech must be balanced with the right to privacy.

No doubt we can all recall high profile stories in murder cases where an individual has been singled out as a possible suspect.  There are high profile in depth investigations undertaken to create a background about that individual suspect, the press asking former friends, girlfriends, boyfriends, next door neighbours etc. Pictures of the suspect are everywhere in print or online.  Several days later, there is another lead and it is apparent that the original suspect had nothing to do with the alleged crime.  The individual will often be viewed differently once the story breaks out, the old adage “no smoke without fire” can linger in perpetuity.

Super Injunctions & Gagging Orders

As part of our Football Agency Service, we can offer full protection under the law and shall do everything to protect the Footballer’s rights his privacy and the privacy his family.

Contact Football Agents to find out more on Super Injunctions.  Please be aware that Super Injunctions or Gagging Orders can extend to all sporting individuals and high profile celebrities.