The end of a era

For many decades Football Agents have been working hard in the background of football securing the best possible deals for professional players and helping the young talented players secure their first professional contract.

But for many years Football Agents have been getting bad publicity for the work they do. Football Agents are seen as “money grabbers” however here at Football Agents and Sports Lawyers we take a different view of the situation.

Here at Football Agents and Sports Lawyers we do not charge our scholarship players a fee and do all our work for free (between the ages of 16 and 18 if already at a professional club.) We do not take anything from the wages of our scholarship players and they keep 100% of their wages.

As a chance of the regulations in April 2015, Football Agents are no longer required within the football industry and will be replaced by Intermediaries. Although the regulations have not yet been made clear on Intermediaries it appears that anyone can be an intermediary providing that they register with the  relevant governing body (this has not been implemented at this stage)

Football Agents and the Association of Football Agents (AFA) have appealed to the European Commission to overturn FIFA’S deregulation plan in the fear this would cause wide spread corruption.

The Association of Football Agents have lodged a complaint with the European Commission and a decision is to be made before the 1st April 2015.


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