Manager Representation

Football Managers & Football Coaches.

Football Agents offer a specialised representation service for all Professional Football Managers and Football Coaches at all levels of the game. At Football Agents we understand the constant pressure to attain results. Failure to achieve will inevitably result in early termination of your contract or a failure to renew.

The rewards, however, can be high in remuneration but that is not the only goal. Football Managers and Football Coaches undertake a career in football simply because they love the game. We understand it is addictive, achievements to see players nurtured and develop because of your “man management skills” is a reward that produces “job satisfaction” that cannot be replicated in any other career.

The Job of A Football Manager and Football Coach

The job of a Football Manager and Football Coach extend beyond the FIFA badges. It is a role that combines a strategist, philosopher, motivational speaker, media mogul and an ability to work under extreme pressure. These are all but just a few attributes that Football Managers and Football Coaches require to be successful in any league.

It is not all glamorous. Standing in the rain, wind, snow and ice, player disputes, fans to please, it is never ending but we understand you would not swap it for the world.

Just like Football Players, Football Managers and Football Coaches need representation. A good Football Agent will help you throughout your career to advise upon all contract dealings and offer protection when required. Even if you are currently in a “safe job” at the moment, you should appoint us now and not only when a crisis happens.

Contracts Negotiations

Football Agents negotiate with every aspect of the contract from important legal issues to personal terms. Football Managers and Football Coaches looking for a job just simply contact Football Agents.

As Sports Lawyers, contract law is best suited to the legal profession. Our Company does it all. Your reputation will be fully protected in complete confidence without compromise.