We have a new premiership champion! Leicester did the unthinkable and only sent and won!

Leicester City Football Club - Congratulations!!
Leicester City Football Club - Congratulations!!

We have a new Premiership Champion!

Leicester did the unthinkable and only sent and won!

Football agents blog written by Michael Nichols, Mindfulness Performance Elite Coach, he explains the importance of financial stability and staying in the Premiership.

Here at football agents we published an Article entitled Can Leicester Football Club do it? on the 27 April.  Now that they have won the title other managers will be left scratching their heads, other players will be scratching theirs wondering how players of lesser ability took home the silverware and football agents will have a new appreciation for what it takes to win.

I was driving this morning and listening to radio two with Chris Evans who was chatting with Robbie savage, a pundit who admitted at the beginning of the season he had pencilled leicester in for relegation and was now eating his words but in a genuinely happy way because Leicester wining is like the fairy tale ending.  Robbie wasn't the only pundit who had expressed this view as Chris played a montage of 'experts' having their say at the beginning of the season with all expecting the worse for Leicester mainly due to the appointment of the manager.

We like to make judgements because having a say and expressing an opinion gives us an opportunity to let others know how knowledgeable we are about topics and being knowledgeable demonstrates our self worth to ourselves and to anyone that will listen.  Now Leicester are champions I'd like to think others can learn from their tactics and strategy rather than become defensive and say they got lucky.

Football agents may now look at lesser players with a new perspective and rather than focusing on the players that are the best, focus on players that fit a team style or management style. This would involve in depth character analysis and matching and I'm not sure how that would work but I do know the agents who brought the players into Leicester will be happy as pigs in mud.

Sometimes there are hidden gems and outcomes that in the beginning just don't make sense yet the pieces fall in the right way so as an agent take time to critically assess your own practices and see if there's anything you can learn from Leicester.  

Mike Nichols is a performance specialist.  More information can be found at www.winningsportsminds.co.uk

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