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We have a new Premiership Champion! Leicester did the unthinkable and only sent and won! Football agents blog written by Michael Nichols, Mindfulness Performance Elite Coach, he explains the importance of financial stability and staying in the Premiership. Here at football agents we published an Article entitled Can Leicester Football Club do it? on the 27 April.  Now that they have... Read more
Football as a concept is a great game.  It encourages teamwork, sharing, communication, skill enhancements, confidence and exercise yet there is something not quite right in the professional game.  Where and when do things change?Young players kick a ball and realise it's fun.  The more they play, the better they get at the game.  At some point they will be 'discovered' and it... Read more
Article written on behalf of football agents and sports lawyers If you're involved in football management, I'll assume you've completed some kind of qualification and/or have some playing experience.  You have a passion and figured the next logical step is management.  When you're put in a managers position or choose to take up a managers role, expectations can often be out of line... Read more