Can Leicester Football Club do it?

Football Agents: Can Leicester Football Club do it?
Football Agents: Can Leicester Football Club do it?

Can Leicester Football Club do it?

Football agents blog written by Michael Nichols, Mindfulness Performance Elite Coach, he explains the importance of financial stability and staying in the Premiership.

Who at the beginning of this football season would have put money on Leicester winning the league?  Well if you did I'm sure you're crossing your fingers and praying to the football gods because the odds were pretty good.

If you appreciate the game and the effort that goes into planning then you'll understand it was no fluke they have only got to win on the weekend against Manchester United to be crowned league champions.  Will Gary Lineker follow up on his promise to broadcast naked?  I won't be watching I'll tell you that much!

To be successful there are things that have to be in place at the beginning and there needs to be room for things to grow and flourish during the season.

The team I play for and coach had our final game last Friday. If we beat the favourites we would win the league.  if we lost we would finish third because of the head to head results weren't in our favour.  When we played this team last time we lost convincingly but since then we have grown and flourished.  We won convincingly, turning the tables from the previous match up and took the league title.

At the final whistle there was a sense of satisfaction, release, joy and a whole load of euphoria that we all experienced and I recalled the mission we put in place at the beginning and realised we stayed true to that mission.

Leicester will have had a mission at the beginning of the season, I'm sure and also grown and flourished as the season progressed with a pinch of luck thrown in for good measure, allowing them to find themselves at this stage of the season with destiny in their hands.

Their success hasn't come from having the biggest budget or best players but more from strategy and having things in the right place at the right time.

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