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Manchester City - 27 points for chance at league title? Current Premier League leaders Leicester City are 10 points clear of fourth placed Manchester City, who have lost their last three games whilst conceding 8 goals.Pellegrini, the manager of Manchester City, feels that a total of 75 points will win his team the Premier League title. Currently Man city are 27 points away from achieving this... Read more
Professional Football Players - Learn to be Great Football agents:  blog written by written by Michael Nichols, Mindfulness Performance Elite Coach (Director at Mindfulness Performance) Professional players – learn to be great at one thing that doesn’t rely on ability or skill and see great things happen for you A lot of English players are mediocre, why do your think there are so many... Read more
Football managers – Learn how mindfulness can benefit your performance and health Football agents:  an intriguing article which all football Managers should be aware, written by Michael Nichols, Mindfulness Performance Elite Coach (Director at Mindfulness Performance) On the surface it can seem to the casual observer that the role of a football manager involves stressfully striding up and... Read more
The formula for winning in professional football – revealed! Football agents reveal the secret of success?  Article written on behalf of football agents and sports lawyers Goal! What a strike! Headed away to safety! All cries of successful plays heard around stadiums and on televisions around the world screamed by commentators and mirrored by the fans.  It's these verbal outbursts that... Read more
Article written on behalf of football agents and sports lawyers If you're involved in football management, I'll assume you've completed some kind of qualification and/or have some playing experience.  You have a passion and figured the next logical step is management.  When you're put in a managers position or choose to take up a managers role, expectations can often be out of line... Read more
Parents -Are you hindering your son's performance? This Article is brought to you by football agents / football intermediaries has been produced with the kind permission of Mr Michael Nichols My son is just over one year old. He's learning to communicate and understands words and phrases to the extent he can find his teddy bear when asked; pretty cool I think for a one year old and as a new... Read more
Financial Fair Play - Article by Football This time last year Financial Fair Play (FFP) was making headlines across the football world. UEFA hit Manchester City with a massive fine, around £42million, and restricted their Champions League squad to just 21 players. This summer Financial Fair Play has again hit the headlines, but for completely different reasons.UEFA has decided to... Read more
The football community was united last week, after the emotional news of the tragic deaths of two young footballers from Worthing United. Matthew Grimstone and Jacob Schilt were tragically killed in the horrific Shoreham air crash tragedy. Worthing United released a statement confirming the deaths of their two young players, who were actually on their way to a match for the club at the time of... Read more
The Loan System in Football The loan system in football has been shrouded in controversy over recent seasons, causing massive debate over whether it’s actually a good thing and what can be done to improve or solve the current situation. So, is the loan system a good thing? Who does it actually benefit, the player or the club? And what makes it just so controversial? - Article Written by Danny... Read more
Defending 1v1, 2v2 Defending 1v1, 2v2 (Pressing) KEY FACTORS # Cover ground quickly # Prepare to Stop quickly # Side on, dictate to attacker where to go # Judgement, body distance, weight, angles # Be prepared to act, agile, balls of your feet # Adjustment, changes of positions # Timing of tackles ("nibbles") # Decisions, don't track poor runs eg off side # Deny/Delay/Deflect/Defend General... Read more