Football Agents & Football Intermediaries - How do you select your clients?

Football Agents & Football Intermediaries -  How do you select your clients?
Football Agents & Football Intermediaries - How do you select your clients?

Football Agents & Football Intermediaries -  How do you select your clients?

Calling all football agents including 007! Sorry, just couldn't resist but since Spectre is a recent release I had to get a reference in and suggest you have more in common than Bond than you think.

Like Bond you have a job to do that involves negotiation, cunning and the lure of money and when you get it right you will be rewarded with...well however you choose to reward yourself.

The topic for this blog is selecting the right client for you because if you select the wrong client, your life could become turmoil with many hours spent fire fighting and wishing you had done something differently. I want you to pick the right client.

So before you decide on which clients you want to take on, you need to decide your marketing angle and specialism because without these you will be labelled as just another agent and being just another agent won't instil confidence in potential clients and without clients you aren't really an agent.

Let me explain by showing you two marketing angles.

'I will get you the best deal, make sure you find a team right for you and fit into a role that allows you to be the best you can living up to your potential'.

There's nothing special about this marketing headline and its very generic.  As a player there is nothing in the headline that makes me think this agent wants me.  I'm sure the agent will do everything in the headline but it's not attractive; it lacks specificity.

Now let me show you this one-

'Are you a midfield player with a strong physical presence who can control the middle?  Then contact me to discuss your many options I have on offer right now!'

This headline targets a certain position, buys into the psychology of the player (pretty much all of them think they have a strong physical presence and can control the game) and by saying you have many options, they are attracted because it's clear there is more than one position going, which empowers them to some degree. An empowered client will be motivated.

By stating you have many positions will attract many players so many will come to you.  With players wanting a role, you now have the luxury of being able to pick and choose your ideal client through targeted questioning and behaviour analysis.

It can feel like an uphill struggle when your marketing is wrong as you end up scrambling for clients.  The last thing you want is to be is scrambling to attract players because by scrambling you are more likely to settle for poor quality because desperation will become your strategy for choosing clients. Do you think James Bond scrambles for women or are they attracted to him? It's all in how he presents or markets himself.

Just imagine how easier your life would be with players coming to you.

When you have considered your current marketing position and realised you want to change how you market your services please get in touch and find out how we can improve your marketing.

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Football agents:  football intermediaries blog written by written by Michael Nichols, Mindfulness Performance Elite Coach (Director at Mindfulness Performance)


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