How will football be affected by Brexit?

Football agents, football intermediaires, brexit
Football agents, football intermediaires, brexit

How will football be affected by Brexit?

Footballers with an EU passport are currently free to play in the UK.

Those without must meet certain criteria, the most important being that they have played 75% of their country’s competitive games over the past two years (depending on their ranking amongst the top 70).  

In an football related article by in the BBC  it considered how Brexit could have an affect on he Premier League, Championship and Scottish Premiership, revealed that 332 players would fail to meet current standards.

It is reported that half of Premier League players (over 100), would require permits, including Kante and Payet. Villa, Newcastle and Watford would lose 11 players from their squads - Championship side Charlton would need to find 13 replacements.

Only 23 of 180 non-British EU players in the Championship would get work permits - most are former internationals from Ireland, or Commonwealth nations. Unbelievably, no British EU players in the Scottish Premiership would qualify for a permit, on the basis of their international career alone. That is the same for 63 non-British EU players in League One and 46 in League Two were Brexit is more likely to have an effect.

The effect of Brexit on the Premier League could be significant, if its global attraction diminishes. Of course, there are 2 sides to every story – the negative impact on non-EU players could benefit home-grown talent in the long run.

Football agency article written by Jake Maginn, 16 years old.  Any comments please contact us.


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