Football Agents - Communication Skills - It Could Cost You.

Football Agents - Communication Skills - It Could Cost You.
Football Agents - Communication Skills - It Could Cost You.

Football Agents & Intermediaires - Communication Skills

How effective is your communication with potential football players? An intriguing short artcile written for football agents by Michael Nichols, Mindfulness Performance Elite Coach.  Short-wave, Long-wave and interference could lead to a missed deal.

I use Linkedin as a way to connect with players and people I feel I may be able to help or they may be able to help me, something I’ve found to be very useful.

A few weeks ago I had connected with a football agent (now football intermediary) who has a lot of connections.  He had posted his frustrations about a player who in his eyes had double-crossed him.  The football agent had given the player the contact number to the team who wanted to sign him but the player then went straight to the team cutting out the football agent and therefore the fee.  Upon first glance of the post, I could see why the football agent felt frustrated; who wouldn’t feel frustrated when you are opening up and trusting a person with a decision, only to be cut out of the equation!?

However, I’m not the kind of person to judge without first hearing both sides of the story and so I decided to contact the player mentioned in the public message.  His story was very different to the one posted and the player had his own frustrations for his own reasons.  It was now glaringly clear there was a misunderstanding between the two of them, which led to a breakdown of trust and communication, and any chance of a deal being made. Doh!

When it comes to making deals there has to be some holding back of cards in this game of show me yours and I’ll show you mine.  Brokering a deal can become tricky and if not handled properly, like in the example below, both parties miss out on opportunity.

All it takes for a deal to break down is an ego that’s over-inflated, a tired person saying or making a choice that isn’t appropriate or just not liking the tone of a person.  The reasons are endless and add into the mix deadlines, the agent who is successful has to be a master at managing people and understanding both internal and external communication.

This Article is brought to you by football agents / football intermediaries has been produced with the kind permission of Mr Michael Nichols. To find out how you can improve your mental focus to gain an edge over your competitors please visit to claim your FREE gift.


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