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How to become a football agent There are many qualities that endear a football agent to becoming an intermediary and get the best deal for the player or club (depending on the person/company you are acting for). As a Solicitor we are trained to act in the best interest of our client without fear or favour.  This training has helped solicitors, in particular, to become a special breed in this... Read more
4 key factors of becoming a football agent: 1.     Knowlege of football is Key At we think that with everything else, you must first gain experience. Mistakes will happen, so learn from them. Read a lot – you never know which information might come in is a good way to start exploring – see who else is in the game, network... Read more
Anti-Doping In Sport 2015 Summit Football agents fully support the anti-doping Regulations and the need to stampt out illegal drugs in footall and other sports. For those interested, there is a seminar on the topic full details are below: "World Sports Law Report is proud to announce the Tackling Doping in Sport 2015 summit, which will place on 18 - 19 March in London. Every year, this exciting... Read more
Legal Challenge to Football Agent Regulation The Association of Football Agents are considering a challenge to the Regulation of Football Agents which is due to take place this April.  We have already commented upn the change from Agent to Intermediary, see our earlier blogs: Authorised Football Agents - Update from The FA Football Agents or Intermediaries? Association of Football Agents... Read more
Football Academies - Are they worth it? At footall agents were are concerned about the few "home grown players" making it into the first team, the cost of running a footbal academy has been re-considered by some Clubs.  Others are thriving.  What's the difference? Well, the long term must be a philosophy in motion, fluid to react to the changing needs and requirements of football clubs... Read more
Manchester City Football Agents Policy Attached to this blog is a PDF issued by Manchester City Football Club (which was delivered to all Authorised Agents by The Football Association). In summary Manchester City require football agents to do the following in order to view a match: All games requests to be give 24 hours' notice prior to kick-off; Use the correct email address; Must enter at... Read more
 Authorised Football Agents - Update from The FA Below is an email today received by The Football Association in connection with the new regime for registration of football agents. Dear Authorised Agent, We would be grateful if you could take the time to read the update below. 1) Intermediaries The FA has published their Regulations on Working with Intermediaries which come into force on... Read more
Why have a football agent?? At football agents believe that the facts are that out of the hundreds of young players that sign professional contracts with football clubs, around five out of six are dropped by the time they are 21. Signing to an agent at a young age is seen as a vital move for many young players in order to increase their chances of making the grade. With young players, clubs in... Read more
Player Football Agent to Challenge at the top of world football It has been reported in Sky Sports web site that football agent has criticised FIFA, the Sports Governing Body for a lack of transparency and compared it to a country run by a dictatorship. This has outburst has followed another player's high profile attempt to challenge at the top by David Ginola, whose credibility may not be seen... Read more
Academy Players, Scholarships and Football Agents. This article provides an incite into a young players, football agents, Academy Clubs and don't forget the Parents.  Football agents are given an bad press but you have to consider that Football Clubs do not always treat footballers well or even with respect. Particularly youth players unless they are of an exceptional talent. "...the... Read more
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