Mino Raiola: Football Agent to Run FIFA!

Football Agent Tops FIFA?!
Football Agent Tops FIFA?!

Player Football Agent to Challenge at the top of world football

It has been reported in Sky Sports web site that football agent has criticised FIFA, the Sports Governing Body for a lack of transparency and compared it to a country run by a dictatorship.

This has outburst has followed another player's high profile attempt to challenge at the top by David Ginola, whose credibility may not be seen by some as entireley honourable as his campaign is considered a publiciity stunt by funded by a well known bookmaker.

Sky News has mentioned that Rialo said:

“I think FIFA has lost its identify and become closed. FIFA is there for football fans around the world but it’s lost the sympathy of the public.

“It has a responsibility to millions of people around the world but at the moment it’s like a one-man show. It’s difficult to change it from the outside because those on the inside aren’t interested in changing the system.

“If I do run for the presidency, because it’s still a doubt, then my plan is fairly simple; I want to reform FIFA 360 degrees and make it a modern, transparent, democratic organisation, with a clear idea of what it is and what it should do."

Football Agent to Run FIFA 

It will be a strange affair if a football agent were to head FIFA with the adverse changes promoted by FIFA this year against agents.  If he were to gain power perhaps a greater power shift to players and agents could be on the card.  Easier said than done, however.

Read further regarding changes in Football Agent Regulations see our Article: When is a Football Agent, not a Football Agent.


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