Why have a football agent?

Football Agents and Young Players
Football Agents and Young Players

Why have a football agent??

At football agents believe that the facts are that out of the hundreds of young players that sign professional contracts with football clubs, around five out of six are dropped by the time they are 21. Signing to an agent at a young age is seen as a vital move for many young players in order to increase their chances of making the grade.

With young players, clubs in general are opposed to recommend agents to players, as they would prefer to determine their career path themselves. Therefore, it is often in the club's interest for a player not to have representation.

Very few players stay at the same club for the duration of their career. Therefore they will inevitably at some point change clubs. In order to facilitate the best possible move, they should have representation by an agent. It's only natural that a club will want to obtain the services of a player at the lowest possible cost. This is why footballers need someone with the skill to negotiate the best possible conditions on their behalf.

At footballagents believe it should be the right of every player to be represented if he wants to. Each player has different needs and at football agents we would work together put your needs first. Players should choose the representation which best suits their requirements and needs. This is where we can help.

What about a Young Academy Player that is dropped at 16 or 18 years of age?

Many young football players, spend their footballing youth at an academy often to be dropped at the age of 16 years of age (scholarship stage) or at the age of 18 years (pro-contract stage).  Without the support of a football agent, their contacts within the football industry quite often they give up.  However with a football agent there may well be a second chance.  There are no guarantees but the help of a football agent may just give them that belief and hope.

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Any academy player (Parent/Guardian) should contact us for help and support on 0151 431 05480151 431 0548.  We represent players nationwide.  For more information on Academy Players, please see our link: Academy Football Players

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