Anti-Doping In Sport 2015 Summit

Football Agents - Anti-Doping Seminar
Football Agents - Anti-Doping Seminar

Anti-Doping In Sport 2015 Summit

Football agents fully support the anti-doping Regulations and the need to stampt out illegal drugs in footall and other sports.

For those interested, there is a seminar on the topic full details are below:

"World Sports Law Report is proud to announce the Tackling Doping in Sport 2015 summit, which will place on 18 - 19 March in London. Every year, this exciting summit brings together national and international sports federations, NADOs, NGBs, athletes and lawyers from over 50 different countries around the globe.

Tackling Doping in Sport 2015 presents an opportunity to gain valuable insights from the experts on how we can collectively protect the right to participate in clean sport. In 2015, our spotlight will be trained firmly on the latest progress and practice from across the world in the fight for clean – and fair – sport. 

Interactive seminars and expert presentations will provide you with a deeper understanding of the critical issues in the industry, along with a comprehensive overview of the current anti-doping landscape in professional sport, from legal, regulatory, scientific and commercial perspectives. Get first-hand advice from experts, hear high-profile speakers and network with other professionals in the field."


Sport Law - Anti - Doping Sumit 2015

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