4 Key Factors of becoming a successful a football agent

How to become a football agent
How to become a football agent

4 key factors of becoming a football agent:

1.     Knowlege of football is Key

At Footballagents.org.uk we think that with everything else, you must first gain experience. Mistakes will happen, so learn from them. Read a lot – you never know which information might come in handy.TransferMarkt.co.uk is a good way to start exploring – see who else is in the game, network with the industry. Goal.com is a good choice if you’d like to follow the latest news, Soccerway can help you with stats on players, clubs and leagues, while also be sure to check the website of your respective Football Association.

2.     Open door policy

As a  Football agents you never know where the next opportunity is, so be prepared for it. A single phone call can make or break a transfer or a representation agreement.

3.     Get to know people in the industry

Social and/or professional networks like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook are great to meet new acquaintances. At football agents always use social media to make sure we can keep in touch with our clients and partners. Go out, watch games, speak with people, and get to know the players, their parents (if bewteen 16 and 18 years old) and friends. Also, don’t forget to use your connections you may already have in football: maybe former teammates, coaches or just friends, who like watching football, but are not agents or scouts, saw someone that may be interesting to you. 

4.     A Youth Policy

Larger football agents usually don’t have time to think about younger, not yet proven players, but the fact remains at Footballagents.org.uk that the next big player will come from the Youth Academies. Some of our Youth players may be the next national team captain or the First Division’s best scorer.  Be up-to-date with events. What is already news is not good news for a football agent as the "cat is out the bag".   You have to be there first before the story breaks out.  Always be first, do your homework, create a network of scouts and people  you can rely upon and trust.  Becoming a football agent is all about hard-work but the results are rewarding.


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