Are you a footballer wanting more?

Footballers Wanting More?
Footballers Wanting More?

Are you a footballer wanting more?

Football agents article written by Michael Nichols, Mindfulness Performance Elite Coach, asks the questions about Footballers wanting more!

Playing in the premiership is the goal for aspiring footballers, drawn by the huge salaries, the fame and the potential to be seen on match of the Day.  So if you're an aspiring footballer, how do you reach these heights?

Motivation can come in the form of knowing Jamie Vardy came from the lower leagues to superstardom.  If he can do it, would you like to know how he did it? Of course you would unless you've settled where you are?

Players go wrong for the following reasons:-
1) They chase the money
2) They think they should already be in the premiership
3) They have no awareness of what it takes to reach the premiership

Number three is the most important part of you climbing up the ladder to success but few players lack this awareness.

We all judge others based on what we see, hear and feel and at times are quick to remark to friends and family, agents and anyone who may be listening.  It's good to get things off your chest but it's equally important to know how your behaviour will be judged by others.

Have a look around you and focus on one person. It could be a stranger or someone you know but eta take some time to raise your awareness of your own thoughts so you can hone your own behaviour.

1) Observe their body language and facial expressions.  Are they happy, sad, tired, in their own world or focused on a task?  By raising your awareness of their behaviour you begin to understand their mood and frame of mind.  In terms of communication 55% is based on body language and facial expressions

2) listen to their tone of voice.  Do they sound stressed, happy, focused, tuned in, scared, worried? 38% of communication is based on the tone of our voice.

3). Listen to the words they say.  Only 7% of communication is through words meaning words are the last thing we judge on when assessing a person's communication.

How many times can you remember a conversation and in you're head you're thinking 'yeah whatever' because you sense what they say isn't the truth? That's because subconsciously you're more tuned to their behaviours and tone rather than the words they say.

Now let's flip this on its head and understand the skills you've just learnt.  If you can judge others they sure as hell can do the same which is why its so important your have an awareness of how you behave and talk.

Jamie Vardy is humble, down to earth and appreciates what he has.  He has an instinct to score goals and that instinct is drawn out because he's relaxed and has few expectations. He's not chasing the money, that's just a by product of his performance. In his younger days I'm sure he didn't assume he should be in the premiership and he had an awareness of what it takes to get where he is now.

So if you're an aspiring footballers who wants to learn and change to give yourself the best chance to get to the premiership you know what to do.

Mike Nichols is a sports performance specialist. For further details or you want to know how to raise your awareness visit

Football agents article

written by Michael Nichols, Mindfulness Performance Elite Coach, asks the questions about Footballers wanting more!


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