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Are you a footballer wanting more? Football agents article written by Michael Nichols, Mindfulness Performance Elite Coach, asks the questions about Footballers wanting more! Playing in the premiership is the goal for aspiring footballers, drawn by the huge salaries, the fame and the potential to be seen on match of the Day.  So if you're an aspiring footballer, how do you reach these... Read more
Why have a football agent?? At football agents believe that the facts are that out of the hundreds of young players that sign professional contracts with football clubs, around five out of six are dropped by the time they are 21. Signing to an agent at a young age is seen as a vital move for many young players in order to increase their chances of making the grade. With young players, clubs in... Read more
Football Agents An interesting development appears to go against the grain of Regulating Football Agents.  It appears that the powers to Regulate no longer wish to have responsibility to ensure Football Agents comply with ethical and professional standards.  Football Agents may not even need to be registered. Below is a link to The FA web site for further reading.   What The FA are... Read more