Our Management Team

Our Management Team

Ronnie Hutcheon – Principle Solicitor and Head Agent: Ronnie has 22 years experience in the Legal Industry and has a vast experience in contract negotiations and legal issues.

Thomas Bower – Football Consultant: Tom is instrumental in taking care of the day to day issues at the agency, from bringing in new clients to advising clients careers . A business graduate, Tom has an eye for future stars.

Sarah Hibbert – Operations Manager: Overseeing strategic placement of clients and liaising with national and global third party companies.

Yasmin Eden-Franklin – Football Liaison Officer : Yasmin deals with day to day professional organisation for all clients, dealing with all manner of services from VIP ticket allocations to retail management.

Rachael Jameson – Public Relations & Marketing Executive: Planning, advertising, public relations, organising events, product development, distribution, sponsorship and research.

Jane Almond – Financial Controller: Overseeing strategic planning of clients personal and professional accounts.