FA Regulations

Football Agents must be licensed through the Football Association (FA) or be an exempt/registered Solicitor or Lawyer. The Football Agent Regulations can be found on the FA's web site on the links below: Football Agents Regulations – FA Web Site 04.07.2009 Football Agents Key Points for Agents Football Agents Key Points for Players Football Agents Key Points for Clubs

Brief Summary of the Football Agent Regulations

Use of Football Agents

  • A Player or Club is not required to instruct a Football Agent in negotiations.
  • If a Player or Club intends to use a Football Agent, that Agent must be authorised/registered with The FA.

Young Football Players The FA Football Agents Regulations prevent football agents:

  • Approaching Players under the age of 16 years.
  • Siging up a Player between 16 years and 18 years without the written contract countersigned by the Player's parent or guardian.


  • A Football Agent must have a written contract before any representation of a Player or Club.
  • That contract must be signed by the parties and registered with the FA within 5 days of signing.
  • Before signing a contract, the Player must be given a reasonable opportunity to seek independant legal advice which advice must be in writing.
  • Football Agents must not offer any inducements to Players as an incentive to sign.
  • A Player's contract with a Football Agent must be for a maximum duration of 2 years which may be renewed by mutual consent.

Avoid Conflicts of Interest

  • Football Agents must not act for both Player and Club in the negotiations.
  • Football Agents cannot act for a "new" Club in relation to a Player if the Agent acted for the Player within the previous 2 transfer widows (prevent "switching.")
  • Football Agents acting for a Club involving a Player cannot act for the same Player in the next contract involving that Player or for a period of two transfer windows (prevent "shadowing.")

Payments to Football Agents

  • Payments on behalf of the Club to a Football Agent must be made direct to The FA with supporting documentation.
  • Clubs and Players can pay Registered Lawyers by an hourly rate or lump sum payment.
  • Football Agents must notify The FA of all payments received or made within 5 days of completing the work.
  • Football Agents acting for Players must only be paid by the Player. Clubs may pay on behalf of the Player providing it is deducted from the Player's wages.

The above is only a very brief summary of The FA Regulations, for a more detailed analysis you are advised to consider the Full Regulations or seek independant legal advice.