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For any Football Player or Football Club to instruct a Football Agent, the Agent must be licensed or registered with The Football Association. Our Registered Solicitor or Lawyer Ronnie Hutcheon is a Registered Lawyer under the FA Football Agents Regulations Registration Number RLH 894 offering a comprehensive football management service to players. Football Agents services include negotiating contracts, representation, media/public relations, disciplinary procedures and image rights. As Football Agents are a Firm of Solicitors all matters can be dealt with by us without having to refer to other parties. Football Agents are fully qualified and insured to act and advise.

Football Agents have not been licensed by FIFA since 2001. Football agents are licensed directly by each association. There is now no need for football agents to be licensed or registered with FIFA as a football players’ agent. The FA is now responsible for football agents and has its own list of football agents on their web site.

Football Agents Lists – see Football Agents Lists The FA

FIFA Football Agents Lists see Football Agents Lists FIFA

Football Agents Lists – Ronnie Hutcheon Football Agent

Our Football Agent and registered lawyer and solicitor’s details can be found on The FA Web site under football agents lists. For registration details and more information please visit our contact us page.

Ronnie Hutcheon whilst a registered lawyer with The FA under Football agents lists he is also licensed to practice as a solicitor in England and Wales, the Firm being Regulated By the Solicitors Regulation Authority and member of The Law Society.