When The FA Cup Is Not Enough

When The FA Cup Is Not Enough
When The FA Cup Is Not Enough

When The FA Cup Is Not Enough

Football intermediary/agent: article written by Michael Nichols, Mindfulness Performance Elite Coach.

All that magic about the FA Cup, a winners medal for life (must be great for players winning things) or a 4th Place finish in the Premiership.  What is more important? Discuss?

Mike Nichols, considers imminent sacking of LVG after winning the FA Cup.

Although Manchester United held aloft the FA cup trophy bringing LVG a trophy and something to smile about, it seems it wasn't enough to stop him being replaced by JM.

Manchester United has a strong proud tradition as Phil Neville mentioned this morning with winning trophies on a regular basis part of that tradition, yet it seems winning one trophy isn't enough.

Rumour has it that JM was offered 4million pounds (£4,000,000!) To stay away from other clubs.  Erm say what now!? Has this ever happened in football before, where an obscene amount of money has been given to a manager to stop him signing with another club and don't forget, that sum isn't his salary, it's a fee...to stop him going to another club! Who wishes you were his agent?!

The club must see potential in JM to want him that badly for whatever reason and from the fans perspective anything less than a league title and another trophy will be seen as failure.

I hope for JM's sake, well actually, I'll change my mind right now.  I was going to say I hope he gets the players to perform on levels above their current ability so he's not in the firing line but as he did with Chelsea, I'm sure his agent will put a clause in place that should he be fired before the contract is up he will receive a buyout fee of what... £40,000,000?

Success doesn't always stem from having or spending the most money. as Leicester have demonstrated but creating an aura of power, control and having a coach such as JM will create the illusion of success.

Time will tell but for now, these are just rumours

Mike Nichols is a specialist sports performance coach. www.winningsportsminds.co.uk

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