Football Agents - Regulated or Not?

Football Agent - Regulated?
Football Agent - Regulated?

Football Agents

An interesting development appears to go against the grain of Regulating Football Agents.  It appears that the powers to Regulate no longer wish to have responsibility to ensure Football Agents comply with ethical and professional standards.  Football Agents may not even need to be registered.

Below is a link to The FA web site for further reading.


What The FA are saying about Football Agents:

As you may be aware, the 2009 FIFA Congress declared its support for an "in-depth reform of the player’s agents system through a new approach based on the concept of intermediaries".

According to information recently received by The FA from FIFA, on the basis of the proposals of the FIFA working group which was assigned the task to tackle the issue, it may be that the current players' agents licensing provisions will be abolished and replaced by a different system. It is likely that under these proposals the current requirements for individuals to become licensed agents will no longer apply.

In the event that these proposals are approved by FIFA, they are likely to take effect from October 2011. In the intervening period, Agents will still need to be licensed in order to conduct Agency Activity, as defined in the current Regulations.

See The FA Web site regarding Football Agents/Player's Agents


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