Premiership Football - The Business End of the Season

Football's Cost of Relegation
Football's Cost of Relegation

Premiership Football - The Business End of the Season

Football agents and Clubs will count the cost of promotion and relegation.  But for football Clubs in particular, the business end of the season is fast approaching. In a brief article written for football agents, by Michael Nichols, Mindfulness Performance Elite Coach, he explains the importance of financial stability and staying in the Premiership.

  Those teams at the top of the premier league will be pushing for points. Those mid table will be happy they aren't being relegated and those in the bottom of the table will be praying not to be relegated.

Being relegated means a loss of over 65 million pounds! See the article by The Guardian regarding the cost of relegation to from the Premiership to the Championship.

So when a club finds itself in those dreaded bottom spots, it's not just kudos and status that are on the line.  Changes in lifestyle, income and mentality will be affected. Once a player is relegated his value drops significantly and with that comes a significant drop in wages.

So ensure you give yourself a chance to avoid this scenario you need to step up your game but more often than not players accept their fate, give up and settle. All this occurs before the end of the season but a select few will take up the challenge of playing the best they can and rally their troops.

Mental performance hinges on the ability to think differently when your back is against the wall, fans are cursing you and rumours and negative comments and a whole social media world seems to be against you.

You always have a choice on how to think but few players understand how to connect with their inner awesomeness, often referring to the pressure getting to them but not knowing what is going on.  Learning how your mind works is the first step in avoiding poor performance, and allowing negativity to take over.

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Football agents:  football intermediaries blog written by written by Michael Nichols, Mindfulness Performance Elite Coach (Director at Mindfulness Performance)


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