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Rogue Football Agents Could Ruin Fifa’s Reputation In an interesting artile on footall agents (now football intermediaries) by the Telegraph this very question was considered.  On April 1 2015, football agents became football intermediaires.  The inner workings of modern football changed, when the industry’s door was blown open to newly registered football agents, with little to no... Read more
For many decades Football Agents have been working hard in the background of football securing the best possible deals for professional players and helping the young talented players secure their first professional contract. But for many years Football Agents have been getting bad publicity for the work they do. Football Agents are seen as “money grabbers” however here at Football Agents and... Read more
FIFA president Sepp Blatter has confirmed that he will stand for another term as FIFA president. Blatter who is now aged 78 has already stud for four terms as FIFA president after being elected in 1998. Blatter had the backing of 5 out of 6 continental bodies, the only body opposing was Europe. Following the announcement Blatter said “You see a mission is never finished. And my mission is not... Read more
England’s football agents have appealed against Fifa’s proposed plan to replace football agents with intermediaries who will not be required to pass ant exams or hold a license. The Association of Football Agents (AFA) has asked the European Commission to complete an investigation into the new intermediary scheme before April 1 next year when it is to come into force. If the intermediaries... Read more