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Becoming a Football Agent Despite the “tarnished” profession in the press,  sometimes rightly justified, I often receive emails around the world on how to become a football agent.  Any Football Agent needs to be licences or become qualified.  This is always recommended but many Football Agents are not and any footballer should be very wary of unregulated Football Agents. ... Read more
Football Agents An interesting development appears to go against the grain of Regulating Football Agents.  It appears that the powers to Regulate no longer wish to have responsibility to ensure Football Agents comply with ethical and professional standards.  Football Agents may not even need to be registered. Below is a link to The FA web site for further reading.   What The FA are... Read more
Young players, clubs and parents are advised about an ‘agents’ scam. The clubs and the Agents whose names have been used have no knowledge of the potential 'trials'. For more information of the FA Scam using football agents please vist The FA web site. At Football Agents and sports lawyers any footballer should always be careful about paying up front charges and check out the... Read more