Becoming A Football Agent

Becoming A Football Agent
Becoming A Football Agent

Becoming a Football Agent

Despite the “tarnished” profession in the press,  sometimes rightly justified, I often receive emails around the world on how to become a football agent.  Any Football Agent needs to be licences or become qualified.  This is always recommended but many Football Agents are not and any footballer should be very wary of unregulated Football Agents.   

To find a licenced/qualified football agent, undertake a FA search: "Find a Football Agent."

I have had an input under job search web site and the following is reproduced for ease of reference regarding qualification.


Exact qualification requirements are determined by the particular sport in question. For example, FIFA, football's governing body, stipulates that contracts involving football players and football clubs are negotiated by Authorised Agents. Contracts must be presented to both club and player in a typical format, and in order to achieve this, it is expected that a player's agent will have an understanding of law. This would then put the candidate on the long and hugely expensive path through A-levels, then university, then a Masters degree in Law. However, it is possible for the agent to operate as exactly that (a manager of opportunity), and use their own solicitor to prepare the legal documents at the point where the contract is required.

Football is a high-profile example, and many other sports are not subject to the same scrutiny by an overseer. However, a degree in either Law or Business Studies is generally agreed to be a necessity. Some colleges in the United States are offering Sports Administration as a subject, and opportunities may spread to the UK as understanding of the topic grows.

Still Want To Be A Football Agent?

Be prepared for hard work, sitting at boring, very cold and lifeless football games at the lower and higher echelons of the Leagues.  But in contract, representing young talented players and see them develop and achieve is a great feeling and makes up for the hard work.

If you would like more information on becoming a football agent, visit the FA’s web site "becoming a football agent" which provides all the information any football agent needs to become a licenced agent.  However there are now moves by FIFA for a football agent to no longer be “qualified.”  For more information on the developments please see our blog page Football Agent, Regulated or Not?


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