Soccer Schools or Football Trials?

Soccer Schools or Football Trials?

The main focus of a Soccer School is to offer an enjoyable learning experience to young players, the aim of Soccer Schools is to make a player better, whereas Football Trials are there simply to show off players talents without guidance from Coaches. Soccer Schools offer young players a chance to be exposed to professional coaches teaching them the basic requirements of what professional football clubs are looking for in young players.

Many clubs hosts Soccer Schools not just to help develop young players but also use it as a mini Football Trial. The importance of Football Trials cannot be underestimated for young players who can be scouted. But the advantage of Soccer Schools is that they are held and run by the Professional Clubs so that every aspect of the Football Trials are controlled by the Club to assess the young players first hand.

The Football Trials or soccer schools are open young football players of all ages, usually aged between 7-18 years old. Soccer Schools are hosted by clubs for children of all abilities and are hosted during the half term and summer holidays. Soccer Schools are important for the players because if they are scouted by the club they will be offered a chance to show off there talents at the club’s academy or sent for the development section where, in particular, the younger players will be helped to improve their skills and if they progress with their skills they can be elected to the football academy itself.

Soccer Schools can be the first step of getting noticed by a club from Premiership to League level.

Soccer Schools held by Professional Clubs will usually charge a fee for time they spend and the young players will usually be asked to take a packed lunch. Soccer Schools combined with attendance at Football Trials are just two ways to get noticed by Scouts and Clubs.

Where To Find Soccer Schools

Simply search online or why not download our Football Trials Application designed for Apple Iphone and Ipad. Click on the link below for further details about the Football Trials Application.