Van Gaal unhappy with Christmas fixtures

Manchester United manager Louis Van Gaal has expressed his unhappiness at the fixture list over the Christmas period.

The Premier League is the only league in Europe that plays 3 games over the Christmas period. The fixtures fall on the 26th December (Boxing day) the 29th December and the 1st January (New Year’s day)

Van Gaal has spoke about the lack of time he will have to spend with his family over the festive period.

Van Gaal said “I am not happy - but I cannot change it - because I don't think it is good for the players that they play within two days of a previous match - two matches in two days.

"In December it shall be like that. We also have family. I have a wife and kids, and grandchildren, and I cannot see them this Christmas.

"But I want to work in the Premier League, so I have to adapt, and I shall adapt. But I don't think it is good. It is not good for the players, nor for the family."


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