Transfer Window to close before new season Kick Off - A BAD THING?

Transfer Window to close before new season Kick Off - A BAD THING?
Transfer Window to close before new season Kick Off - A BAD THING?

Does this mean Premiership Clubs are at a Disadvantage?

The Premier League has taken the step to close the transfer window early to avoid the disrupting events and possible ethical issues that surround MAD AUGUST when the new season begins but there is still the player 'merry-go-round.' The vote of the 20 Premiership Clubs was carried by 14 votes to five with Burnley abstaining. Both Manchester Clubs were opposed to the move.

 The rationale by the opposition to the ruling is that whilst it prevents Premiership Clubs buying new players, it does not stop other other Clubs outside of the jurisdiction buying Premiership. The Manchester Clubs consider, and I believe there is some force in their agrument, that this puts Premiership clubs at a disadvantage. Thus the new change will not prevent the Coutinho saga when Liverpool held firm over Barcelona with that additional 24 hour window for the Spanish La Liga.

 The rule change will also help prevent the integrity of the game, illustrated by Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain who played against Liverpool in Arsenal's 4-0 defeat and within a few days later signing for the victorious club on that day.

 Power shift to Clubs?

 All in, the rule change is welcomed but the sports Governing Body should have either:

 1. Obtained the consent from the other European Governing Bodies so all rules were embodied and ratified or

2. Stopped Premierships Clubs buying and selling players. Of the latter, however, this will conflict with European Law and perhaps that is why the rule stopped short at just selling players.

 At least the likes of Liverpool (Courthio) Southampton (Van Dijk) and Arsenal (Sanchez) has illustrated that there is still some power to the Clubs, so despite the fact that currently a Spanish Club could come for a Premiership player after the closure of the transfer window over here, the Clubs still have the power and resolve to stop the sale...or do they?!!

 Ronnie Hutcheon (Solicitor and Football Agent)


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