Sports Business Law Conference

Sporting and Business Law
Sporting and Business Law

Below is a course for Sports Lawyers and Football Agents to up scale their learnings.

Sports Business Law

London - 24th October

9:30am - 5:15pm (6 CPD Hours)

Sport is now big business and worth more than 3% of world trade. So there is much to play for both on and off the field of play.

The Olympic Games have been well described as the 'greatest sporting show on earth' and generate billions of dollars - not least from the sale of broadcasting rights and corporate sponsorship.

As a result, there are many legal issues facing the world of sport at the National, European and Global levels, and a discrete body of Sports Law, often referred to as a 'Lex Sportiva', is developing and being built up, especially through the Awards of the Court of Arbitration for Sport, which is twenty-five years old this year.

'Sport' is no longer an area of law where you can 'dabble'; you need to be aware of, and up-to-date with, all the interwoven rights and the national and international rules and this Seminar has been specially designed to present them in a user friendly manner by a leading International Sports Lawyer, Ian Blackshaw, who is both a practitioner and a respected academic in the field. His expertise and insights, therefore, are an invaluable resource for anyone wishing to learn more of and practice in this interesting and developing field of Law.

What You Will Learn

  • The Organisation and Commercial Exploitation of Major Sporting Events
    • Who Owns the Event?
    • Intellectual Property Rights and their Importance in Sports Events
    • 'Ambush Marketing'
    • Brand Protection Programmes and 'Naming and Shaming' Measures
  • The Creation and Protection of Sports Image Rights
    • The UK, Europe, USA and elsewhere
    • The English Premier League Standard Contract (Clause 4)
  • Sports TV Rights
    • Who Owns them?
    • Collective selling of them
    • Collective buying of them
    • UK and European Competition Law Aspects
    • Murphy v Sky Sports - the effect of the ECJ decision on using a Greek decoder card
  • Sport and ADR
    • Settling Sports Business Disputes by ADR
    • Arbitration, Mediation, 'MED-ARB' and Expert Determination
    • The Court of Arbitration for Sport
    • The FIFA Dispute Resolution Chamber
    • Sports Domain Name Disputes and WIPO

Speaker: Professor Ian Blackshaw, Solicitor, International Sports Lawyer and Academic. He holds a Master's Degree in Sports Law; he is a Visiting Professor at Cambridge, and is an Honorary Fellow of the International Sports Law Centre of the prestigious TMC Asser Instituut in The Hague, The Netherlands, Switzerland. He is a prolific author of books, including his latest on "Sports Marketing Agreements; Legal, Fiscal and Practical Aspects" published by the Asser Press, and contributor to the New Oxford Companion to Law and to professional journals.


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