Shoreham air crash tragedy.

The football community was united last week, after the emotional news of the tragic deaths of two young footballers from Worthing United. Matthew Grimstone and Jacob Schilt were tragically killed in the horrific Shoreham air crash tragedy.

Worthing United released a statement confirming the deaths of their two young players, who were actually on their way to a match for the club at the time of the accident.

“Worthing United football club players Matthew Grimstone and Jacob Schilt are both believed to be among the victims of yesterday’s tragic Shoreham air crash. Grimbles was our first team goalkeeper, 23 years of age and a huge talented, quiet and reserved but a brilliant player with huge potential to go further in the game. Jacob who was also 23 years of age, small in stature and a tenacious midfielder also very skilful with an eye for goal. They were both essential members of last season’s double winning squad, the most successful season in the clubs history. At this moment we don’t know how or if we will cope with this, Worthing United is a family, part of the football family, we have been moved by the number of tributes to them that we have received from fellow clubs and the public. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families and friends of Matt and Jacob.”

Various clubs and people from within the footballing community have paid touching tributes to the players. Here at football agents, we extend our deepest condolences to the players’ families and friends and also to everyone at Worthing United.

#Brokenhearts Campaign (fatal accidents & bereavement award)

As experienced lawyers and specialists in fatal accidents at R James Hutcheon Solicitors, we know just how hard it can be to cope with loss of loved ones and the impact it can have on the lives of those closest to the victims.

A bereavement award is made following the death of a person involved in an accident or illness due to the fault, in whole, or in part, by another.  A bereavement award may be in addition to other claims the “next of kin” may claim.  A bereavement award is an amount of compensation simply to serve as recognition of grief and a financial token or public recognition that the death was wrongful. However we believe that, currently, the amount of money given for a bereavement reward is completely unfair and unjust. The Government has assessed the award over the years for the loss of a close family member, wife, husband, son, daughter in the current sum of £12,980.

We all appreciate that no amount of money can compensate for the loss, but the Government appears to suggest that the death of a loved one is only worth a “token amount.” That is simply not right, it’s unjust and insurance companies are getting away in not paying a “right” amount for the recognition that the death of a close family member was unlawful.

Our #Brokenhearts campaign is aiming to change the law regarding bereavement awards in order to help the families of victims receive a fair amount of compensation for the unlawful loss of their loved one.


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