Rodgers confirms new vice captain

Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers has confirmed midfielder Jordan Henderson as the new vice captain at the club.

The vice captain role has been vacant since Liverpool defender Daniel Agger left the club.

Henderson looked likely to leave Liverpool in 2012 as he was struggling to secure a regular place in the side under Kenny Dalgish.

Following the announcement Rodgers said “Yes, Jordan is our new vice-captain. I have been here a couple of years now and been able to give the decision real thought,”

“He’s someone who represents a lot of what we are about - him and Stevie (Gerrard) are the moral compass of our group, how they conduct themselves on and off the field, how they train, how they work.”

“There’s a great story of him joining here, when he came in and had a difficult season. The first summer I came here he had the opportunity to leave,” he added.

“I did not push him out or ask him to go. But, like I do with all the players if a club comes in, I present them with the opportunity they may have.

“I said ‘listen, you have a chance to go to Fulham and you can go and play every week, or you can stay here. I can’t guarantee you a game straight away, but I know one thing for sure, I will improve you as a player.’ He wanted to stay.

“I felt that first period being out of the team really helped him tactically because we could work more on video and analyse his game and from that he has really grown in confidence.

“You see now for club and country he holds himself really well, he’s got a great stature and I think he will be around here for years to come.”


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