Premiership Football on YouTube!

Premiership on YouTube
Premiership on YouTube

Can the remainder Premiership football matches be free to watch? 

According to the Times it says:

‘Most of the matches — which are to be played in empty stadiums under a plan to restart top-flight football — would be on Sky and BT Sport’s pay-TV platforms but a few would be shown by Amazon, according to the plan. The BBC would potentially be permitted to show highlights more often but it is unlikely any games would be live on terrestrial TV.’

It further provides:

‘The government has raised the idea of matches being available on free-to-air platforms but will not push for them to be on terrestrial TV and it is understood to be happy that the majority will be on pay-TV.’Certainly many matches that will be played behind closed doors are non-events.  Thinking of middle table team encounters, no fans, no atmosphere just playing for mediocrity.  The motivation for the players must be at an all time low with nothing to play for.

There are agreements in principle for YouTube to screen matches with the big sporting giants and other free-to-air platforms.

What games should be played during the pandemic?

Should the Premiership play all the remaining games even if there is nothing to play for?  Alternatively should they play only the games that will make a difference to the top and bottom of the league?  Liverpool are only two games away from the title, so if they win both those games should that conclude the league, Liverpool would not have to play another games save if there are any games to play for the top four?  Again similar games for the bottom, who stays up and who goes down?  The rest stay were they are.Nether thought I would watch Liverpool win the Premiership on YouTube. 

Well these are crazy times!Good to have your thoughts.


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