Mane Worth £200 Million

Sadio Mané is surely £200 m, or at least the transfer fees of Neymar and Mbappe.  It’s not just Mané’s skill and pace that defenders fear but also his work rate.  The latter is emphasised by this second goal against the outside pretenders for the Premier League title, Chelsea.  When Mané’s missed pass frustrated him, he challenged and pressured the ball to the extent that is scared the ‘living daylights’ out of Kepa the Chelsea’s record fee goal keeper, forcing the mistake, intercepting the pass and happily slotting home the goal.

Even with that performance the other two important aspects of assessing a players worth are just as important, the player himself, humble, dedicated and philanthropic to his community and the acknowledgement of despite all his riches he never forgets his roots.  But in addition to that, the fact that (I hope I am not tempting fate) he never gets injured.  He appears to be able to play game after game with no drop in performance or injury worries, unlike the other two record breaking players aforementioned.

The Times in today’s paper opens with the ‘ominous sights’ of Liverpool that included a Mané’s headed goal where Salah and a pre-assist and Firmino’s an assist.  The three combined as one with a precision that resulted in the end result, a superb combination goal. Post match inverview Mané revealed how he knew what Firmino was going to do before he even got near the ball.  It was like both minds were in sync.

£200 m for Sadio Mané?  In footballing terms, a bargain!

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