Luton Town Football Trials

Football Trials App for Iphone & I Pad
Football Trials App for Iphone & I Pad

Football trials at Luton Town, presented by Football Agents, here is the information from this Team's web site.

Two ways to get into elite football with Luton Town

Luton Town has been recently rated as the most successful club outside of the Premier League in terms of producing players to play in the top flight, with eight graduates from their Youth Programme playing in the Premier League and two in recent England Squads.  The Hatters continue to offer this Elite Football Academy for 16-18 year-olds in conjunction with Central Beds college and Hitchin Town to ensure gifted footballers have the opportunity to further their football skills and potential career whist obtaining a Level 3 BTEC qualification OUR RECRUITMENT PROCEDURE FOR SEASON 2013/14 HAS NOW STARTED

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