Hyypia resigns as Brighton boss

Brighton manager and former Liverpool defender Sami Hyypia has resigned as Brighton’s manager after a dismal start to his coaching career in England.

Hyypia only won 3 of his games in charge of Brighton in 22 games leaving Brighton 3rd from bottom in the Championship.

Following his resignation Brighton Chairman Tony Bloom said “Sami offered his resignation, and we reluctantly accepted earlier today. 

"Sami has worked extremely hard since joining the club last summer. Despite some good performances, including most recently at Wolves, results haven't gone as well as we all had hoped and expected. 

"Sami is an incredibly honourable man. He remains a hugely respected and very popular figure at our club. He has decided to step down for the benefit of the team and the club. 

"We are all very disappointed, but we respect Sami’s decision and we all wish him well for the future." 


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