Football Players Wanted


Championship Club
GOALKEEPER: experienced at least 24+ yrs, capable and ready to stand in at a moments notice if first team GK injured.

Championship Club
RIGHT BACK: Pacey, able to run with the ball at speed, link up and overlap. Must have proven track record.

League 1 Club
WINGER: Speed and pace essential. Quality & experience a must, able to defend when required. Minimum age 20+

League 1 Club
STRIKER: All round quality essential. Score goals in and out the box.  Proven scoring record at this level required.

League 1 Club
RIGHT BACK: Quality & experience a must, able to defend and work as a defensive unit, link up and attacking qualities. 20 yrs +

Wanted for League 1 Club Level
CENTRE MIDFIELD: Quality club looking for CDM to anchor this holding role. Must have quality experience at similar level.
must have quality experience at similar level.

Wanted for Conference Prem. Club
CENTRE BACK: This position is suitable for an experienced player. All the attributes typical of this post an essential requirement.

Players, coaches, scouts, contact me direct if you have my numbers or via my website: Football Agents & Football Intermediaries


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