Common Football Injuries

Common Football Injuries
Common Football Injuries

Common Football Injuries

A brief article from football agents regarding common football injuries are an accepted risk of the game. There are injuries that appear more frequently than others. The most common injuries, as expected are located in the lower extremities, upwards of 66% see Tandonline: These are:

  1. Hamstring Strain
  2. Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Injuries
  3. Knee Cartilage Tear
  4. Sprained Ankle
  5. Anterior Ankle Impingement

There are numerous players injured throughout the season with hamstring strain. It can be short-lived in nature however it is most likely going to become a recurring problem. Liverpool FC and Real Madrid had this problem Michael Owen through the years.

The most well-known season-ending injury is an ACL injury, this could cause managers to contact football agents to replace their injured star striker for example. Knee injuries can devastate a player’s season whether professional or youth football players. A study has shown that at adolescent age girls are more susceptible to injury than boys, the difference being 4% - see Physioworks Website.

Ankle strain and anterior ankle impingement3 can put a footballer out for a few days or weeks at a time.

Football Agents

A football club may want to sell or release a player form their contract for this reason, Zlatan Ibrahimović was released from Manchester United at the end of last season after a knee injury, this may or may not have been part of the decision, nonetheless his agent will need to secure him a new club for next season. After an injury of this nature a football agents job becomes more difficult, however, if you have been released for this reason we can provide advice and strive to make sure your career lives on at a new club, visit us football agents for more details.


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