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Can Leicester Football Club do it? Football agents blog written by Michael Nichols, Mindfulness Performance Elite Coach, he explains the importance of financial stability and staying in the Premiership. Who at the beginning of this football season would have put money on Leicester winning the league?  Well if you did I'm sure you're crossing your fingers and praying to the football gods... Read more
Football Agents & Intermediaires - Communication Skills How effective is your communication with potential football players? An intriguing short artcile written for football agents by Michael Nichols, Mindfulness Performance Elite Coach.  Short-wave, Long-wave and interference could lead to a missed deal.I use Linkedin as a way to connect with players and people I feel I may be able to... Read more
Premiership Football - The Business End of the Season Football agents and Clubs will count the cost of promotion and relegation.  But for football Clubs in particular, the business end of the season is fast approaching. In a brief article written for football agents, by Michael Nichols, Mindfulness Performance Elite Coach, he explains the importance of financial stability and staying in the... Read more
How will football be affected by Brexit? Footballers with an EU passport are currently free to play in the UK. Those without must meet certain criteria, the most important being that they have played 75% of their country’s competitive games over the past two years (depending on their ranking amongst the top 70).  In an football related article by in the BBC  it considered how Brexit... Read more
Rogue Football Agents Could Ruin Fifa’s Reputation In an interesting artile on footall agents (now football intermediaries) by the Telegraph this very question was considered.  On April 1 2015, football agents became football intermediaires.  The inner workings of modern football changed, when the industry’s door was blown open to newly registered football agents, with little to no... Read more
Youth player shows the there is life after Chelsea. Cameron McGeehan who was singed for Chelsea at the age of 10 for £80,000 was not your average 10 year old. However his dreams did not end as he had hoped as 10 years later he is playing for League-Two side Luton town. He blame his fall from glory on the ego he had gained from playing for Chelsea and says that many of the professional players... Read more
Football Agents & Football Intermediaries -  How do you select your clients? Calling all football agents including 007! Sorry, just couldn't resist but since Spectre is a recent release I had to get a reference in and suggest you have more in common than Bond than you think. Like Bond you have a job to do that involves negotiation, cunning and the lure of money and when you get it right... Read more
Football Agents Top Six In The World The top 6 football agents as brought to you by Sport 360. In at number 1 is Jorge Mendes also known as the ‘Portuguese money machine’ his clients include Hamez Rodrigez, Thiago Silva, Diago Costa and finally the one and only Christiano Ronaldo. Second in our list is Constantin Dumitrascu who is the chief executive of German agency nondial sports management... Read more
Jamie Richard Vardy: Leicester’s golden goal machine Jamie Vardy now 26 started his senior football carrier in the 2007/08 football season and since then has climbed the ranks of football players to be one of the best in the English Premier league. Having won 2 ‘player of the year’ awards at both F.C. Halifax and Fleetwood town before finally being singed into the Leicester City squad who were at... Read more
Football as a concept is a great game.  It encourages teamwork, sharing, communication, skill enhancements, confidence and exercise yet there is something not quite right in the professional game.  Where and when do things change?Young players kick a ball and realise it's fun.  The more they play, the better they get at the game.  At some point they will be 'discovered' and it... Read more
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