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The football community was united last week, after the emotional news of the tragic deaths of two young footballers from Worthing United. Matthew Grimstone and Jacob Schilt were tragically killed in the horrific Shoreham air crash tragedy. Worthing United released a statement confirming the deaths of their two young players, who were actually on their way to a match for the club at the time of... Read more
The Loan System in Football The loan system in football has been shrouded in controversy over recent seasons, causing massive debate over whether it’s actually a good thing and what can be done to improve or solve the current situation. So, is the loan system a good thing? Who does it actually benefit, the player or the club? And what makes it just so controversial? - Article Written by Danny... Read more
Defending 1v1, 2v2 Defending 1v1, 2v2 (Pressing) KEY FACTORS # Cover ground quickly # Prepare to Stop quickly # Side on, dictate to attacker where to go # Judgement, body distance, weight, angles # Be prepared to act, agile, balls of your feet # Adjustment, changes of positions # Timing of tackles ("nibbles") # Decisions, don't track poor runs eg off side # Deny/Delay/Deflect/Defend General... Read more
Analysing the Action (Manchester United v Club Brugges) Delightful Memphis Depay stole the show Tuesday night, rescuing Manchester United from a disastrous start with two sublime goals and an excellent assist in their 3 – 1 victory over Club Brugges in the first leg of their Champions League qualifier.  Depay’s first goal was fantastic, controlling the ball with his chest before flicking the... Read more
URGENT PLAYERS WANTED Championship ClubGOALKEEPER: experienced at least 24+ yrs, capable and ready to stand in at a moments notice if first team GK injured.Championship ClubRIGHT BACK: Pacey, able to run with the ball at speed, link up and overlap. Must have proven track record.League 1 ClubWINGER: Speed and pace essential. Quality & experience a must, able to defend when required. Minimum... Read more
FA Qualified Football Agent or Football intermediary? Football Agents - Football Intermediaries: Sports Article: from the author and freelance sports journalist Kevin Walters: A brief consideration of the change of Football Agent Regulations and whether an Agent or Intermediary are really needed. The Rules Have Changed In April 2015, the FA rules for football agents were changed.  The... Read more
A Generation of Winners & Losers Football Agents - Football Intermediaries: Sports Article: from the author and freelance sports journalist Kevin Walters: Looking at the changes in the "innocence of football" in the 1970's to the commercial pressures of today. Growing up in Sunderland in the 1970’s was probably similar to growing up in most other English towns. Football was the main theme... Read more
Football Agents: Article reproduced with the Kind permission of Barrister Samuel Okoronkwo FA Registered Intermediary As the summer transfer window looms in England, Chief Executives, Directors of Football, Transfer Committees, Managers and/or Agents ought to be aware of how Tribunals may play a part in determining what they may pay for their next signing. A contemporaneous case in point is... Read more
Football Agents, Free Player Power & Raheem Sterling A lay person's guide to Bosman, the name all Football Clubs Hate! The Bosman Ruling stikes fear into Professional Football Clubs following the Bosman Case, Union Royale Belge des Sociétés de Football Association ASBL v Jean-Marc Bosma. Money in football has increased exponentially, beyond all comprehension when the case was decided in 1995... Read more
In this article for football agents & Sports Lawyers, has been reproduced with the kind permission of the author Guy Thomas, Insolvency Partner at Taylor Walton.  It consideres the concept for liquidating FIFA or what can International Football learn from the world of Restructuring and Insolvency? After the shock of the last few days; dawn raids in Switzerland, resignations, celebrations... Read more
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